Developer website and documentation updates

Karen Weir
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New! Updated design and enhanced documentation

What's New:

After the last release of the Developer website which introduced improvements to the performance and sidebar navigation, we received feedback from the community that included ideas to improve the readability and more documentation resources to help understand the benefits of Information Management Services.


Updates to the styling and layout that improve the visual presentation of all resources available within the site. We are continuing the work on this theme and will release more improvements in the coming weeks. Thank you for the feedback!

Documentation for Getting Started:

We created a more thorough and well-documented Getting Started area for our Information Management Services subscribers, and those interested in signing up for our 90 day trial.

This section features topics such as:

  • Account administration
  • Key Concepts
    • Organization
    • Tenants
    • Application
    • Organization Subscription
  • Developer tools
  • Authentication

More documentation enhancements are available in the Developer Admin and Developer Tools sections in the sidebar that will help you build innovative apps.