How to fill some properties with another related entity properties?

Hi Appworks developers/lovers

I would like to know if you know any method to load and fill entity properties with values from a related entity.

I have an Entity A with relationship to itsef (1 to N). Entity A (father) can be related to many Entities A (children). Some these properties (from child entity) should be filled by default with father entity values.

I know this case could be solved with BB relationship "has a child" but we can not use this option because the resultant new child entity is another Entity (Entity B) and the result list must show the same entity type. 

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • @Pacosta , You can create a rule and use the 'A relationship change' event to trigger a BPM. In the BPM you can read the parent details, also read the relationship records using webservice on the relationship and update the child properties.

  • Thank you @nssmani for your reply. I undestand I have to design a BPM with SOAP webservices inserted in activities to update the properties. Currently, the father entity A has a lot of relationship which I have to replicate in the child entity B. Is this the best and efficient way to update these values and relationships in the child Entity B?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @Pacosta , As of now, using webservices and BPM is the way to achieve this.