Exposing AppWorks entity forms online to non-AppWorks users


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We have a scenario that uses AppWorks to process manage customer requests (by internal users), with these requests coming via an integration with a web portal:

Internal Users <——> Appworks <——> Web Portal <——> End Users

The web portal is already implemented in an external non-OpenText technology and exposes it's own forms, allowing end users to register themselves and start new requests/check the status of previous requests.

In this pattern, the forms to manage/create requests have to be implemented in AppWorks (using standard Entity Modeling, that's something easy to achieve) but they also to have to be implemented in the Web Portal, with the appropriate design, business rules, etc. As an example, if we already are managing Invoices in AppWorks and the Web Portal, the moment the customer wants to start to manage Purchase Orders, the Purchase Orders forms will have to be implemented in AppWorks' Entity Modeling and also in the Web Portal (to make it available to end users).

With AppWorks being the application responsible for holding and managing the business entities, the customer is evaluating possibilitties to reduce this double-work of having forms also implemented in the Web Portal.

Given that end users are not AppWorks, nor OTDS, named-users, they don't have access to AppWorks forms, so it's not possible for them to login and use entity modeling forms.

Have you faced this pattern in the past?

Do you have any thoughts on how it would be possible to expose AppWorks entity forms to non-AppWorks users?

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  • nssmani
    nssmani E Community Moderator

    @Pedro Guerra Franco , AppWorks Entity Forms can work only for authenticated users and can't be used in the above scenario. Customer need to develop their own UI outside AppWorks.

  • Hi @nssmani

    Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought.

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  • MarkK11

    To expose AppWorks entity forms to non-AppWorks users, consider creating a middleware interface that interacts with both AppWorks and the web portal. This interface could translate and relay the necessary data and actions between the AppWorks forms and the web portal’s user interface, allowing end users to interact with the forms without direct access to AppWorks.

  • @MarkK11 How do you arrange the authentication via this indirect access to AppWorks over a middleware interface?