Has anyone worked in Documentum 6.5 with FAST Fulltext Indexing?

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We are seeing the "onReturnFromProgress" error when trying to access (view/import/export) documents. We're aware of the UCF articles here that suggest deleting & reloading, but just curious if the FTI plays into the launch of documents that might be interfering with the UCF launch.



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    Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

    UCF Client: Ensure that the UCF client is up-to-date and properly installed on the user’s machine.
    Delete and Reload: Follow the UCF articles’ suggestion to delete and reload the UCF client, as this can often resolve issues.
    Check FTI Service: Verify that the FTI service is running correctly and that documents are being indexed properly.
    Server Logs: Review the server logs for any errors related to FTI or UCF during the time the issue occurs.
    OpenText Support: If the problem persists, consider reaching out to OpenText support for assistance, as they may have more insights into the interaction between FTI and UCF.

    Hope this info will help you.
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    Thanks for the reply — I've also done a DFC trace to see why UCF isn't launching. Please see the attached file. The only action I traced was opening a file to view (Read Only). If you or anyone else are better at reading DFC trace files, I welcome any input!

    Thank you.