OpenText AppWorks 16.6 / Any Version Forgot Password.


We have raised a ticket with OpenText to enable Forgot Password. And their technical team clearly says it is impossible without using OpenText OTDS. And we are using only OpenText AppWorks 16.6.

Here is the good news for the AppWorks Community, We have found the solution. We have developed the Forgot Password module only using AppWorks; the best part is that it doesn't require any OTDS. Also, it can work in any version of AppWorks Older to Newer.

If anyone needs a solution then please just ping us here we will surely help.


  • I tried a remote JVM debug session on a failed DSO configuration to see what I would find; I couldn't crack the code (at least for the "AES GCM algorithm" part). I'm always open to finding out new things and will share it on
    With your name/company mentioned (if you like).


  • Anshul Saxena

    Hi Antal,

    Sure we will love to share the solution. Please share your email id.

    We will send the solution over there.

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    That’s fantastic news Developing a Forgot Password module within OpenText AppWorks without relying on OTDS is a significant achievement. It’s great to hear that your solution is version-agnostic as well. If anyone needs assistance, they know where to find you.

  • Anshul Saxena

    You can contact me on my email id

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    Note that wrt using AppWorks 16.6, this version is in sustaining maintenance mode, so it's better to upgrade to a newer version.