How to disable Documentum UCF -- URGENT!!

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We're running DCTM 6.5 and UCF is not launching. Cannot view, import or export documents.

Is there a way to disable UCF to at least enable export/import (checkin from file?)

Please advise, thanks.


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    I've also done a DFC trace to see why UCF isn't launching. Please see the attached file. The only action I traced was opening a file to view (Read Only). Could anyone please look over DFC trace file for a clue as to why UCF isn't launching? I welcome any input!

    Thank you.

  • Michael McCollough
    Michael McCollough E Community Moderator

    Has some general troubleshooting steps. Support can also help you with UCF trace. When UCF is used, DFC returns the ACS url for the UCF client to fetch the content. You can also find a lot of articles on Documentum UCF tracing. The trace file can usually indicate any problems if the above, general checks do not help.

    In the install guide, you can also find, if you truly want to disable UCF, how to turn it off and use pure HTTP transfer.