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The OCP Developer Workbench beta release is now available!

The developer workbench desktop application is test application allowing developers to understand the functionality and how to use the APIs offered by the OpenText Thrust Services.

It offers a highly configurable user interface, offering perspectives (such as Library Management, Process Admin, Capture), and what to show and not to show in these perspectives.

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As a developer you can also intercept all OpenText™ Thrust Services API calls to examine them, and it is even possible to pause execution after each call (like debug mode).


To install the application, download the version for your operating system from the following links and execute it.

Click here to download


When opening the OCP Developer Workbench, fill the application details, log in.

Once you have accepted the beta test end user license, you can use the application and access the application user guide from the Help menu (top right).

You can switch perspectives from the User Profile Menu (top right).


  • LazarescuA
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    New version released (0.8.74)

    Fixed some issues with the MacOS installer. Because the application is still in a Beta stage, the MacOS code is not signed. Hence the auto update is not updating but notifying you of a new version. Changes:

    • MacOS notification now has a button to take you directly to the download page.
    • MacOS can now copy/paste values
    • MacOS compiled for all architectures (x64, arm64)
    • MacOS port was used by other apps, new default port 5013 (Windows port remains 5000)
    • The application now shows the running URL in the Settings dialog making it easier to copy and paste into Admin Center for redirect URL

    After the update, first time you run the new version, the application should open a new browser tab to this forum post. Let us know if you have issues/improvement ideas.