Regenerated aek.key. Now inline users (dm_bof_registry, etc...) can't login


I've regenerated the aek.key (see attached forum link) and now user's with inline password (dm_bof_registry, dmc_wdk_presets_owner, dm_fulltext_index_user, etc..) are unable to login.

I've been into DA, reset the password for dm_bof_registry (to the same password as before, and then saved the user) and this works.

Does this sound right? Do I need to do this password update for all inline password users?



  • Michael McCollough
    Michael McCollough E Community Moderator

    Sounds right, by resetting the aek key, anything that was encrypted using that key, can no longer be read so you will need to reset the password. You can use dql update to do it in mass/script if you like.