Unable to get the session object from java program


i am using below code to get the documentum session to connect .

getting the error .

(ModuleManager.java:414) - [DFC_BOF_COULDNT_CONNECT_TO_REGISTRY] Unable to connect to module registry, docbase name DMSDEV username dm_bof_registry.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot support TLS_DH_anon_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA with currently installed providers
at sun.security.ssl.CipherSuiteList.<init>(CipherSuiteList.java:81)

(RegistrationMgr.java:39) - [DFC_SECURITY_GR_PUBLICATION_FAILED] Publication of DFC instance with global registry failed
DfException:: THREAD: main; MSG: [DFC_BOF_GLOBAL_REGISTRY_UNAVAILABLE] Unable to connect to the global registry no session; ERRORCODE: ff; NEXT: null
at com.documentum.fc.client.security.impl.DfcIdentityPublisher.<init>(DfcIdentityPublisher.java:55)

below code is used to get the connection

IDfClient client = DfClient.getLocalClient();
// Create an IDfLoginInfo object named loginInfoObj
IDfLoginInfo loginInfoObj = new DfLoginInfo();

// Identify the Docbase to connect to

// Bind the Session Manager to the login info
sessionManager = client.newSessionManager();
sessionManager.setIdentity(docbase, loginInfoObj);

// Start a session
session = sessionManager.getSession(docbase);

// Create a new document object in the session
IDfDocument documentObj = (IDfDocument) session.newObject(dm_document);

need help to resolve this issue


  • AlvaroDeAndresGomez

    Which java version are you using?

  • nutheti

    used java 8 version to build the java class and documentum version is 20.2

  • AlvaroDeAndresGomez

    I think only java 11 is supported, anyway most likely the error comes because you don't have the jce extensions for java 1.8 → https://www.oracle.com/es/java/technologies/javase-jce8-downloads.html

  • nutheti

    I deployed my code on java 11.0.8 version, still i am getting the same error.

  • nutheti

    Hi ,
    can one please help us to get the documentum session from java program. it will be great help if you provide the steps .

  • Hicham Bahi

    It seems like you are trying to use a secure connection using anonymous TLS. Can you confirm that the target Documentum server is configured for secure connections without certificates? It would also be a good idea to post your dfc.properties file. As of Java 11, anonymous TLS connections are no longer enabled by default. You can enable it by modifying your java.security file: remove anon from jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms. See installation guide for more information.

    Alternatively, you can try to connect in native mode if the Documentum Server supports it.