DQL or Script to modify a specific localized label?


Hi all,
Is there a way (DQL or Script) to inject a single localized label into a specific field of a specific document type?
I don't want to inject an entire Composer project because of a single oversight.
Thanks in advance.


  • Hicham Bahi

    You can do almost everything via DQL. Checkout the DQL Reference manual. Here a simple example :

    CREATE TYPE my_config (
    current_version_dir CHAR(255) (SET label_text = 'Current Version Directory', SET help_text = 'Absolute path for current version directory', SET category_name = ‘Config’),
    input_dir CHAR(255) (SET label_text = 'Input Sub-directory', SET help_text = 'Relative path for input sub-directory', SET category_name = 'Config'),
    reuse_dir CHAR(255) (SET label_text = 'Re-use Sub-directory', SET help_text = 'Relative path for re-use sub-directory', SET category_name = 'Config'),
    my_int INTEGER (SET label_text = ‘My ‘integer, SET help_text = ‘My ‘very own integer, SET category_name = 'Config')
    WITH SUPERTYPE dm_document
    SET label_text = ‘My Configuration File', SET help_text = 'Represents my configuration file' PUBLISH