Bypassing the TeamSite login page

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I am developing a web application which has a link to the teamsite. The application stores all the authentication parameters necessary for logging into the Teamsite(username/password/role etc..).

How to bypass the Teamsite login page go directly to the webdesk or webdesk pro page?


  • You would need to customize the landing page within TeamSite to look for the right credentials.


    but to use this page, you need to turn off using jsp:
    • rename \iw-home\httpd\webapps\webdesk\WEB-INF\web.xml to web.xml_current.
    • Rename \iw-home\httpd\webapps\webdesk\WEB-INF\web.xml_no_jsp to web.xml
    • iwreset -a

    --Adam Wilson
    Senior Programmer