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Suggest forums for Perl

Please sugget good forums for perl on web.


  • check this one
    I'll second that -- it's usually where I'll find answers to the most complex PERL problems. StackOverflow is generally more responsive for simpler problems (and perhaps less snarky at times). That said, Google is probably going to be your best friend since the majority of problems have been solved already, and applying those solutions to your own code will probably be more enlightening than having someone point out your exact mistake.
  • Do we have some other good forum?
    other than this

    Tidy.zip 230.7K
  • Do we have some other good forum?...
    "We" (whoever that are) probably do. You can use Google to find a few, Rick already mentioned StackOverflow.
    Do you have Perl issue/question? What is it? Have you tried DevNet Perl Forum?
  • Yes, I tried but it is not useful for PERL.
  • Yes, I tried but it is not useful for PERL.
    What I actually meant was "Have you tried DevNet Perl Forum for this particular issue"?
    Being both the user of and a contributor to Devnet Perl Forum I find it pretty decent.

    So...What is your problem?
  • yeah, It is decent for Teamsite related help.

    But while getting programming help purely on perl it is not helpful in my view.
  • But while getting programming help purely on perl it is not helpful in my view.
    What do you lose by trying it anyway? It certainly has to be easier than trying to find an additional option.

    I find it interesting that your argument isn't centered on a particular problem, like "the PERL forums here can't help me figure out why stat() on Solaris 6 fails in the innards of a POSIX call." Yeah, maybe not, but you make it sound like we couldn't tell you how to slurp a text file. Smiley Tongue
  • The major drawback in this forum is pulling the legs of learner.
  • Please tell some good forums purely on PERL.
  • If by that you mean that you can't post a piece of code and ask people what's wrong with it, then yeah. The major difference between the forum here and one on the web is that people here try to help you learn so you can avoid the mistake in the future. On the web, people don't care about your personal learning, they just want the +1 on the answer. There's also some folks on here who expect others to do their work for them. That's why "Here's my code, it's broken, please fix it" doesn't get heartfelt responses.

    However, people here will still help you out if you phrase your question differently, e.g. "I've tried x, y and z and I still can't figure out what's wrong with this piece of code. Can anybody suggest what else I should be thinking about." That shows that you've tried to solve the problem yourself, and that you're interested in *why* it doesn't work rather than just getting the solution so you can be on your way.
  • I do agree with Rick. So,closing the thread. First will try to solve the issue by searhing in Google if not I believe I have to come back here (in devnet).
  • Hi
    I have a good blog about Perl programmers. You can read here

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