Custom horizontal navigation on CCPRO



I would like to know how to customize/change the second level navigation menu (Search | Compare | Get Latest | Get Latest MediaBin Assets) on the TeamSite CCPRO? I know the menu items can be customized, we can add new items. But I never tried the horizontal navigation menu items. 


Any help is much appreciated. 


Thank you



  • Well it's generally the same. You just need to find the ID for the toolbar and/or buttons you want to modify and then have at it. I don't recall if you can introduce custom icons, but I know for sure you can add/remove items.

  • Thank you. I will try it.


    Another QQ: Is there a way to redirect the "/iw-cc/command/" to a custom URL within the TeamSite? I tried the iw.cfg proxy and it didn't work.

  • The iw.cfg drives the rules for the iwproxy service, which only applies for URLs that attempt to access assets in the workarea (or more specifically, URLs that don't match "known" web applications paths).


    You could redirect the advanced search URL by modifying the rewrite.conf for the iwwebd service. That said, the "more supported" approach would be to replace those buttons and menu items with some that point at your intended URLs instead of doing these URL hijack shenanigans.

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