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RE:  HP Printer Software Update Version 3.0

Is anyone else having an issue with software updates repeating everyday - often multiple times a day for the same update (3.0)  ?


And someone is product development:  Can't you fix this?  This is annoying and needs to be fixed, as it has been a problem since September.  
Message is:

This update installes the latest software for your HP printer or scanner.

For more information about printing and scanning software, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3669

Upon reaching that link, I am told that it is an issue with your app for update.  PLEASE fix this!


  • Hi there,


    This is the Developer Community (specifically the Marketing Optimization suite of products) - I think your question would be best asked on the Consumer Community here: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/


    Let me know if I've misunderstood what you are saying in your post!



  • The problem is with the HP APP used to process updates.  How is the Consumer Community supposed to fix that?  There is something wrong with the app.  I can ask how many people are having this same issue with their MAC, but I can't expect them to fix it.  And knowing how many people have the same issue isn't productive to me.  How about someone in your organization that deals with the implementation of the product APP, look into the issue and fix their own app?  Development of the app IS the problem.

    Repeating message - sometimes several times a day:
    HP Printer Software Update

    Version 3.0

    Installed (insert every day for the last two months)
    This update installs the latest software for your HP printer or scanner.  For more information about printing and scanning software, see http;support.apple,com/kb/HT3669



  • Hi again - this Community doesn't provide assistance related to either computer or printer software. We provide help for developers who are using HP's Big Data, Marketing Optimization, Cloud, and DevOps solutions. This section (General Implementation Help) specifically helps developers who need help implementing one of our Marketing Optimization products (TeamSite, MediaBin, etc).


    The best place to post your original question is on the Consumer Community (link provided above).


    I hope this helps!

  • Here's the category on the Consumer Community that would be most applicable: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printers-and-All-In-Ones/ct-p/InkJet


    I'd try posting in either of these boards:

    Printer, All-in-one Software & Drivers

    Mac Printing and Scanning (sounds like you are using a Mac?)




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