MediaBin Import asset workflow - appends --(Get Original) into filename

While importing from MediaBin server.

Image filename get appended with "--(Get Original)".


Is there any way not to rename image filename.


  • I have only had tangential dealings with MediaBin, and I seem to recall several of my customer's complaining about the same or similar aspect to Support. I believe the answer was "no - there's no way to avoid that, you could write a custom process to rename the import, but...", however you would probably be best served to contact Support yourself to verify.

  • The logic that appends the MediaBin import Task Name (e.g. "--(Get Original)") is pretty deep in the code base (com.interwoven.ui.teamsite.mediabin.AssetImporter). 


    I once tried to remove the suffix as part of the same workflow in a followup task but had some problems getting it consistently renamed.  There is a bug with the Import MediaBin Assets workflow where it will sometimes throw a CSException if email notification is turned on.  The trigger for this CSException is connected with the size of the notification email; it is because the email text is stored in a task variable which cannot hold more than 4k of data, triggering an exception when there are lots of files imported.  If this exception occurs the followup rename task does not trigger.


    Also, if you're using 7.3x you might not be able to edit the Import MediaBin Assets workflow in the Web-based Modeler client.  When I did so there were WF job variables lost and the workflow would not run.  Editing it in the legacy 7x client worked.


    Good luck.



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