DCT- Form API - to browse mediabin

We have the following piece of code in our DCT (using None task to retrieve).


<dialog-param name="taskId">
          </dialog-param>                                                       <dialog-param name="width">
                                                                        <field-ref name="width" />
                                                        <dialog-param name="height">
                                                                        <field-ref name="height" />

For some reason integrating TS with VMB 8.0.3 - the height, width and few other meta data is not getting populated? Anything missing?



  • I feel that this is a customization in the DCT using .js file. The .js file is updating the Width and Height fields. Search for .getWidth() and .getHeight() in the .js files. These js files are referenced in Datacapture.cfg with Script SRC tag.


    Also, this will not work on TeamSite 7.4.1. Because TeamSite 7.4.1 works using VirageMediaBinServer.asmx webservice. There is a lot of changes between viragemediabinserver.asmx (newgen) and mediabinserver.asmx (legacy). To get this auto populate working with TS 7.4.1, I think you need to revert to legacy ecmconnector.jar.

  • Its not a simple deal for us to revert ecmconnect.jar. We would end up losing all richmedia features as well. 

    Can you advise on any patch solutions for this ecmconnector that would address this issue.

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