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Setting EA on images in teamsite


I need a help here as i have to add extended attributes for images in teamsite by reading the attributes/tags from an excel sheet.
Is there any way of setting EA's by reading excel sheet which contains image names and attributes/tags against multiple images?

I am using TS 8.2, Windows and Java.

Thanks in advance.


  • There is no OOTB solution for what you are trying to do, however if your development skills are reasonable then it should not be too difficult.

    Is this a 1 time import or will it be run all the time ?

    You can have a Java app that reads the spreadsheet and then runs the CDDSK to set the appropraite EAs.

  • I did parsing of excel and now trying to set extended attribute by reading a column from the excel where i have mentioned the file path as Y:\default\main\Branch\WORKAREA\shared\SomeFolder\image.jpg.

    My code:

    if (new File(filePath).exists())

    File Found. Setting attribute...

    <% //running command for setting EA } else { %>

    Not a valid file


    I am checking the file existence but it is failing to enter in if section and throwing error as Not a valid file.

    Any suggestions...

    Thanks in advance

  • What class are you using to set the file ? Most of the classes need a type of CSFile maybe you are calling it with an incorrect type.

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