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Reporting on multi-select lists

ericsmithericsmith Junior Member
edited December 31, 1969 in Designing reports
Hi -

We're about to add multi-select list boxes within our application and will need to report on these fields. I'm looking for patterns or best practices that anyone would be willing to share.

The lookup items are stored in a separate table that holds the ID and TEXT VALUE. This allows the name of the item to be changed, but stores the ID within the database. For reporting, we join the ID to the lookup table and retrieve the TEXT value.

I'm trying to determine how to do this for a multi-select item. I'd assume we'd store a delimited string of ID's in the database - so a join wouldn't work. We'd want to display a list of the selected items.

I'm sure theres a simple way to do this, or best practice... any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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