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Tribix - Extented emitters

SailRCGSailRCG Junior Member
edited December 31, 1969 in Designing reports
I am trying to implement the Extended XLS emitter from Tribix and keep getting an error telling me that I've forgotten to install a required library. I've attempted this with two separate BIRT Installations, and get the problem in either case.

Basically I am following a resourse posted by Virgil Dodson on Jul 19, 2007. The newest emitter binaries are version 2.5 and contain a minimal set of files.
I am following (to the best of my knowledge) the steps to deploy the emitter.

For example:
I am extracting the contents of the tribix zip file into BRDProeclipse where the contents are dropped into the plugins folder.
Next I remove the prototype excel jar file then
copy the poi-3.2-FINAL-20081019.jar from Apache into: BRDProeclipsepluginsorg.uguess.birt.report.engine.emitter.xls_2.5.0.200907171402lib.

based on the instructions in the readme file, this is basically all I need to do to implement the Tribix Extended (XLS) emitter. so, I restart BIRT and try to view a report in XLSl. The only thing that pops up is an error saying that I need to check that the required libraries have been installed. Excel never launches, the save/open file dialog never opens, only the error in bright red letters...

Does anybody have an idea of what I am missing?




  • mwilliamsmwilliams BIRT Guru
    edited December 31, 1969
    Hi RG,

    I followed the steps and got it to work. Did you make sure you used the bin files, not the src files?


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  • SailRCGSailRCG Junior Member
    edited December 31, 1969
    Yes I did use the bin files. I've tried it now on two different installations too... and cant get it going on either one of them.

    Can you review the steps and include some path specific details?
  • SailRCGSailRCG Junior Member
    edited December 31, 1969
    To provide a final solution / root cause of my issue; I found that by carefully reading the "README" files supplied by Tribix, I was able to get the correct build version of the Tribix Emitter and now all is working as expected.
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