Convert string with date text to date format in BIRT table

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<p>I have a Date which I retrieve as a string "Dec 20 2007" from my front end app and insert into a BIRT table.</p>
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<p>Since the data type for this field is set as "Type: String" when I convert it to Date the table breaks and no data is visible in the Table. </p>
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<p>My ultimate goal is to sort the table by Date. </p>
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<p>Any solution to convert the string which is "Dec 20 2004" to date format in BIRT table. </p>
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<p>Thanks. </p>
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  • <p>is it always in format MMM dd yyyy?</p>
  • <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="mblock" data-cid="137059" data-time="1434126432">
    <p>is it always in format MMM dd yyyy?</p>
    <p>Yes it is always in that format. </p>
  • <p>Is is very simple, simply create a new data item with an expression like this:</p>
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    new Date(row["String Date"])</pre>
    <p>Then you can sort on the new data binding. See attached example.</p>
  • <p>thanks this works beautifully, thanks genius</p>
  • <p>Not a genius just experienced :-)</p>
  • How can I see the image? Its not working for me.