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Birt Engine Embeded in Swing Application on JWS

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<p>Sorry if it was already asked but my searchs doesn't bring back any thread that answer to my questions.</p>
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<p>I would like to generate some reports with parameters using Birt on a Swing java application deployed with Java Web Start.</p>
<p>The problems are:</p>
<p>- I can't (and would'nt) install the Birt engine on each computer</p>
<p>- I can't use any server (birt viewer or other).</p>
<p>- My users doesn't have Birt installed on their computer.</p>
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<p>Is it possible to configure my application to use the birt engine which will be deployed using JWS or more clearly, is it possible to embed Birt Engine in a completely standalone swing java application and make this application generate reports in Excel and PDF ?</p>
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<p>Once generated the user can open itself the report using Excel or Acrobat reader, so I don't need a viewer, just the engine to generate reports.</p>
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<p>Is there a simple java project (example) to show which JAR file should I need to run from JWS and how to configure my project to use the embeded Runtime Engine ?</p>
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<p>I don't find any information or tutorial about making this kind of configuration.</p>
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