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BIRT performance boost

<p>Hello BIRT community,</p>
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<p>I have few questions about BIRT performance boots. We are using the report engine 4.4.2 version integrated into our project and called from java.</p>
<ol><li>Are the separate methods <strong>run</strong> and <strong>render</strong> faster than the single runAndRender task?</li>
<li>What about the memory usage when using the both different methods, are there any statistics about them?</li>
<li>How can we get more performance of the engine, does have someone some experience in that direction?</li>
</ol><p>For any hints and tips, thanks in advance.</p>
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<p>Best Regards,</p>
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  • johnwjohnw Senior Member
    <p>1: There is a difference. Both the Run and Render tasks would be roughly half time and size memory wise as the Run Then Render. But this is just an estimate, with the Run task alone probably being larger than the Render task. </p>
    <p>2: No</p>
    <p>3: Doing trial and error tuning is really the only way. Have a benchmark report, and with a fresh instance of the engine with your options configured, just test the speed and memory footprint.</p>
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    John Ward

    BIRT Expert


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