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Disable toolbar in the viewer

<p>How to disable the toolbar of the viewer through the report. Any sample would be great</p>


  • <p>is this commercial or OS BIRT?</p>
  • <p>If this is for Commercial (PRO) versions, I've attached an example that demonstrates this request along with some other features that can be enabled/disabled from within the report design.</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>For reference, here is some example code that enables/disables Actuate Interactive Viewer options from within the reports "onContentUpdate" section.</p>
    <pre class="_prettyXprint _lang-js">
    if(window["__first_load"]=== undefined) {
    window["__first_load"] = true;

    var ivViewer = this.getViewer() //Get Actuate Interactive Viewer
    //ivViewer.showParameterPanel(); //Show Parameter Panel
    //ivViewer.showPrintDialog(); //Show Print dialog window
    //ivViewer.showDownloadResultSetDialog(); //Show Export Data dialog window
    //ivViewer.showTocPanel(); //Show Table Of Contents

    var uiOptions = ivViewer.getUIOptions(); //Interactive Viewer Options
    //uiOptions.enableEditReport(false); //Remove "Enable Interactivity" menu option
    //uiOptions.enableExportReport(true); //diable report export menu item
    uiOptions.enableToolBar(false);//disable toolbar
    //uiOptions.enableToolbarContextMenu(false); //disable viewer right-click context menus
    //uiOptions.enableTOC(false); //disable TOC
    //uiOptions.enableParameterPage(false); //disable parameters
    //uiOptions.enableLinkToThisPage(false);// disable link to this page
    //uiOptions.enableDataExtraction(false);//disable export data
    //uiOptions.enableSaveDesign(false);//disable save design
    //uiOptions.enableSaveDocument(false);//disable save document
    //uiOptions.enableHideShowItems(false);//disable hide/show item
    //uiOptions.enableToolbarHelp(false);// disable help

    ivViewer.setUIOptions(uiOptions); //Apply options

    Matthew L.
  • <p>In the designer if you create a new report with 'Blank Auto Interactive Report', you will see the code to enable IV by default in the onContentUpdate method. You can do the same for disabling the toolbar. The code is:</p>
    <pre class="_prettyXprint">
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