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Deploying report to ihub

<p>I have created a report using Opentext analytic designer. I have used oracle DB as my local DB - JDBC data source</p>
<p>Driver class :oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver (v11.2)</p>
<p>I have created a data set and created a sample report. When i run it on my report viewer, the report runs fine. When i upload the same report on to iHub server and try to render it, it says "17070: There is an error in processing your request" .  Is there a way to configure DB on ihub . ??</p>
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  • SailRCGSailRCG Junior Member
    <p>Hi Rajiv, </p>
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    <p>The issue is likely a connection issue between the iHub and your ORACLE instance, OR more likely a driver issue on the iHub.  To check this you should run a tnsping from the iHub server to the instance you are trying to reach with your report. </p>
  • <p>You also need the JDBC driver to be on the iHub machine in a specific location, It should be something like this (might be slightly different based on your version). There should be a readme.txt file stating put JDBC Jar files here:</p>
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  • <p>Thanks for the reply .. i got it resolved by selecting com.actuate.jdbc.oracle.OracleDriver (Actuate Oracle Driver) in the datasource</p>
  • <p>Dear All,</p>
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    <p>  Need a small clarification in deployment.</p>
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    <p>  We have devloped Birt reports without using the Analytical tool, is it possible to deploy these reports in ihub?</p>
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    <p> If yes please let me know the steps, We are in the urge of buying the Ihub server , if this one is possible.</p>
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    <p>M. Gangadhar</p>
  • <p>Log in to iHub, there is an upload option. Depending on your version it might be located in different places.</p>
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