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BIRT Scripting and Events (Archived Webinar)

petterpetter Junior Member
edited February 26, 2008 in DevShare
<p><strong>When:</strong> April 4th 2008, 9:00 AM Pacific <br /> <strong>Who:</strong> Virgil Dodson, Java Reporting Evangelist <br /> <br /> While many reports start with a query and a simple layout, it doesn’t take long before custom logic is needed to meet the complex requirements of the report. Scripting in BIRT allows developers to add custom code all throughout the report design either to manipulate the report data, or to adjust report content conditionally. <br /> <br /> This session will provide an overview of scripting in various parts of your report building process including:</p>
<li>A scripted data set</li>
<li>Adding scripting to report elements</li>
<li>Scripting with parameters</li>
<li>Scripting in expressions and events</li>
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