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BIRT: Dynamic Images

VirgilVirgil AdministratorEM admin
edited January 24, 2008 in DevShare
<p><span style=\"font-family: Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;\">Blog post from John Ward showing how to use a parameter to control which image is displayed on the report and includes script examples and screenshots.</span></p>

Virgil Dodson
OpenText Analytics Developer Community


  • Hi I am using birt runtime 4.8 in my eclipse and trying to generate a report with dynamic images. The images are varbinary(max) stored in database. I use scripted data set to retrieve the data. I have tried all possible ways of using dynamic, uri image with javascript expression etc but no image shows up in my pdf report output. All the tutorials and workaround are for birt viewer, but my project does not want birt viewer to be installed. Is there a way to make dynamic images work in birt runtime integration with eclipse. Please help!!!

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