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Page-break pagination is broken for RenderTasks

edited October 29, 2011 in DevShare
<p>There is a <a href=\"\">small bug in</a> that seems to have been there for a long time.</p>
<p>The bug prevents emitters using page-break-pagination from paginating correctly (at all).</p>
<p>This doesn\''t affect the RunAndRenderTask usually used in the designer.</p>
<p>The workaround is to copy the RenderTask to a new package, modify it to fix the problem, and then use that RenderTask instead of calling createRenderTask.  The eclipse OSGi environment makes it difficult to do this because of access rules, but the BIRT ReportEngine environment doesn\''t have those rules.  It is possible to produce a private RenderTask for use in OSGi but you have to hobble it slightly so I don\''t think it would work for the PDF emitter (which doesn\''t need it) afterwards - I can\''t think of any tie (apart from unit testing <a href=\"\">my emitters</a>) when this would be necessary, so I don\''t think it\''s a major problem.</p>
<p>More details of issue and workaround can be found <a href=\"\">here</a>.</p&gt;
<p>Hope this helps someone.</p>


  • Hi -

    Does spudsoft emitter supports page break? I want to generate an Excel output with 100,000 rows instead of default value 1,048,576 rows. The workaroud link that you shared is not accessible now.

    Can you please share the steps to enable page break and how to configure row limit when the excel is generated through spudsoft emitter.

    After configuring the page break in the template, it didnt work after enabling below property.

    designHandle.setBooleanProperty("ExcelEmitter.SingleSheetWithPageBreaks", true);

    Any help here would greatly help me.

    Thanks In Advance,

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