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Adding "continued..." to Group Value in Masterpage Header when Group Spans Multiple Pages

mwilliamsmwilliams BIRT Guru
edited November 1, 2013 in DevShare
This example shows a way to use page variables to add "continued..." to the group value label, in the masterpage, when the group spans multiple pages.<br />
<br />
A couple variables initialized in the reports initialize method are used to store the last page's group value and the current page's group value to determine whether "continued..." should be added to the group value in the page variable. A variable auto text is then used in the masterpage header to display the appropriate value.<br />
<br />
This report must be ran with separate run and render tasks to work correctly. From the designer, this means to run the report in the web viewer and then export it, if you'd like another format.<br />
<br />
This report was designed in BIRT 3.7.2


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