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Message "CONTINUES NEXT PAGE" automatically

smgomessmgomes Member
edited November 1, 2013 in DevShare
Hi,<br />
this tip purpose as controlling the message: "Continued on next page" in documents like Invoice.<br />
In my example I have a DATASET (Name: Lines) which is a collection in Java that don't know how many rows will iterate the document, to better control the message do as follows:<br />
Method : DATASET > Script > open
//get the collection size (number of lines number of lines in the document)
_collectionSize = new Integer(document.getLines().size());reportContext.setGlobalVariable("_collectionSize",_collectionSize);
<br />
My table's lines has this DATASET (Lines) as binding:<br />
TableName (ElementName): documentLines<br />
<br />
TableLines.png<br />
Method : Table > Script > onPrepare
_breakPage = new Integer(reportContext.getReportRunnable().designHandle.getDesignHandle().findElement("documentLines").getProperty("pageBreakInterval"));
<br />
In the last detail row of the table, which indicates the message add the following script at Visibility Property:
var _breakPage = reportContext.getGlobalVariable("_breakPage");
var _collectionSize = reportContext.getGlobalVariable("_collectionSize");
if ( (row&#91;"currentLine"] == _breakPage) &amp;&amp; (row&#91;"currentLine"] &lt; _collectionSize) ){
_breakPage = parseInt(_breakPage)+parseInt(reportContext.getReportRunnable().designHandle.getDesignHandle().findElement("documentLines").getProperty("pageBreakInterval")); reportContext.setGlobalVariable("_breakPage",_breakPage ); 
}else{ true;}
<br />
Whatever the value of the Page Break in table, the message will appear automatically!<br />
I hope I helped because I had this problem!<br />
Best Regards,<br />
Sérgio Gomes
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