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Highlight duplicates in a table

kclarkkclark BIRT GuruEM
edited December 6, 2013 in DevShare
Example showing how to highlight duplicate data in a table using a highlight rule and an ArrayList.<br />
<br />
I create an ArrayList in the beforeOpen of my data set.
array = new java.util.ArrayList();
<br />
Then I had to store the values of the column I wanted to check for later in the onFetch()
<br />
I also had to store this ArrayList as a global persistent variable from afterClose()
reportContext.setPersistentGlobalVariable("array", array);
<br />
Now that all the values are stored I can use the following scripts as expressions from the highlight rule UI.
var array = reportContext.getPersistentGlobalVariable("array");
var first   = array.indexOf(row&#91;"QUANTITYORDERED"]);
<br />
Not Equal to
var array = reportContext.getPersistentGlobalVariable("array");
var last   = array.lastIndexOf(row&#91;"QUANTITYORDERED"]);
<br />

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