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This example shows a 2 column dashboard that uses custom gadgets that will dynamically resize based

edited January 30, 2015 in DevShare
This example shows a 2 column dashboard(1 table & 1 chart) that uses custom gadgets that will dynamically resize based on the browser size. The custom gadgets are created using an XML file that includes JSAPI code to to pull in particular reportlet elements bookmarked within a specific report design. Additional code was then added to automatically adjust the gadgets when the browser window is re-sized. Some further client side scripting is added to both the table and the chart to adjust the elements themselves as well as the needed containers for the elements. The result is a dashboard whose gadgets dynamically re-size when the browser is resized.

This example is written for and works with iHub 3 Final and iHub 3 Fix 1. This example will not work properly with iHub 3.1 without modifications. A version 3.1 example will be also be added as soon as 3.1 is released.



Jesse Freeman

Solution Consultant

OpenText Corporation

http://www.actuate.com | http://www.opentext.com


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