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Command line utilities to enable LDAP integration with BIRT iHub F-Type

edited February 18, 2015 in DevShare
Attached to this DevShare are command line utilities (one for Windows and the other for Linux) to enable LDAP with BIRT iHub F-Type. I would like to thank Rob Murphy for creating these utilities.

The utilities require a minimum of Java 1.7 in order to run. The utilities work with both BIRT iHub F-Type 3.0 and 3.1.

The utilities include a detailed README on how to run the utility. Details on the LDAP mappings can be found in the BIRT iHub 3.1 documentation, found here - [doc=http://developer.actuate.com/be/documentation/ihub31-dev/SAG/index.html#page/admin/UMC_accounts.10.05.html#ww142907]http://developer.actuate.com/be/documentation/ihub31-dev/SAG/index.html#page/admin/UMC_accounts.10.05.html#ww142907[/doc]


  1. Validate your LDAP settings BEFORE running the utility. LDAP query filters are the highest risk here. In most cases, BIRT iHub F-Type will still start, you just might not have any users in the system (or wrong users).
  2. If you reset the system back to the internal user system, the user list persists even though they are not synchronized with LDAP anymore, as this can break other functionality of the iHub like file/job ownership. You can delete these users manually after you have reset the security system.
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