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Call center example dashboard with well designed Data Object

edited September 14, 2017 in DevShare
This example contains a call center dashboard with a well designed Data Object.<br />
<br />
The Data Object:
    <br />
  • Uses CSV files as a data source<br />
  • Uses multiple data sets (which could be from multiple data sources)<br />
  • The Data Sets have the column properties set up correctly (format, header...)<br />
  • Contains a well designed data model with categories and hierarchies.<br />
<br />
The Dashboard
    <br />
  • Uses the aforementioned Data Object as it's source<br />
  • Shows multiple tabs<br />
  • One tab is an interactive dashboard with drill downs and selectors<br />
  • The other tab is a US map with drill down on the states<br />
<br />
To install:<br />
Import the attached project in to BD Pro. You should be able to run everything from the designer.<br />
<br />
To Publish to BIRT iHub
    <br />
  1. Use 'Publish Files' (not 'Publish Project')<br />
  2. Publish the report designs and the dashboard to folder names 'Call Center'. Make sure 'Preserve folder structure' is unchecked.<br />
  3. Use 'Publish Resources' for the whole Data and Data Object folders.<br />
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