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Joyplot in a custom visualization using D3.js

Clement WongClement Wong EM mod
edited August 15, 2017 in DevShare
Working example of Joyplot in a report using the commercial Information Hub Custom Visualization report item with D3.js.<br />
<br />
This example is based on laurent chauvirey’s D3.js block (, which was originally based on Henrik Lindberg's chart using R [url=""]( <br />
<br />
The data is NOT hard-coded. The raw data is contained in the Data Object.<br />
<br />
We had the option to use R with the new release of iHub 16.2 integration of R and its scripts. However, we are showing the “R” processing via the Custom Visualization’s grouping, filtering, aggregation and computed field in the Data tab, and also in the data transformation function within the script.

Clement Wong
Principal Analytics Architect

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