Why OpenDeploy in the same image as LSDS?

I have read the readme files for building a LSDS container and looked at the docker build files (https://knowledge.opentext.com/knowledge/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objid=69762670&objaction=browse). Why would OpenDeploy be placed in the LSDS container? Am I correct that by having the OD receiver in the LSDS container, the expectation is TeamSite (OD base) will deploy content to the container and not a persistent storage solution like NFS mount points or a SAN?

My view of containers is they are transient in nature. Container platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift are set up to spin containers up and down automatically for a variety of reasons. If my assumption above is correct, how can one be confident that when a new container is spun up, all of the proper content is present in the container?


  • The purpose of this release is to support CI/CD in the organization and accelerate development cycles. Yes, the automation does take care of setting up OD base on TeamSite site and OD receiver on LiveSite end. We do support persistent storage for TeamSite and LiveSite so you should be able to stop and start TS or LS without losing your data. Hope this helps clarify.

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