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What topics would you like covered at EMC World in '09?

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We are working on the session agenda for EMC World 2009 and would like to know what you want to hear about. Please send your topic requests for either the Software Developer track or the Momentum track.


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    Personally, I'd like somebody from EMC to explain why between service packs, there are also major changes in the software. Usually, a good practice is to only implement bug fixes in a service pack, however, if you take, for example DTS, a plugin writtent for DTS 5.3 SP2 will not work withouht major changes in SP3 and then it even becomes worse since SP4 and SP5 are different products all together.

    Therefore, I think it would be nice for us to understand EMC's polocies and guidelines about what makes it into a service pack and what makes it into a major release.

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    Hi there, Mark Farlin covered this topic at Momentum Prague within his sessions about the overall roadmap. I'm attaching the relevant slides, but you'll see that our policies align with your best practices, even though our implementation periodically falls short of those best practices - as you point out in your message. I'll see if someone can comment on DTS in particular - but attached is our policy.

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