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How to create Workflow Template (dm_process) instance using DFC

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Hello All,

I have requirement to create Workflow Template through DFC. How can i create that. Can any one provide me the start or any one created using DFC.

I have create one interface using WDK customization which wil take required inputs for creating any Workflow template. Like Activity , Package... all the things which we create while Workflow template through Workflow manager or BPM.


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    Any pointers ... ?

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    You can create a workflow template with IDfSession.newObject("dm_process") and cast it to IDfProcess. You also need to create dm_activity objects and add them via IDfProcess.addActivity(). There is also a validate() and a install() method that you need to perform.

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    I do not envy this task at all.  My professional advice is that you should avoid manually creating a workflow through DFC if at all possible.  It's an ugly business to begin with and you really, really, really need a good understanding of how workflows, workitems and activities all work.  There's a reason that the Workflow Manager/Process Builder exists.

    The fact that you had to ask the question on how to do it just sends shivers up and down my spine.  Not that I don't think that you're up to the task.  It's just that many before you (including myself) have gone down this road before and only years later realized the futility of the effort.  To build a workflow through DFC other than the simplest of flows is setting yourself up for many sleepless nights.

    It might help to know more about your business requirement.  Most developers assume that if the requirement requires some level of dynamic reviewers or routing that they either need to code it from scratch everytime or build 100 templates.  That's not the case.  The last workflow template I made handles up to 40 different document types which automatically routes to the required reviewers without any user intervention.  The only thing extra I needed was a small registered lookup table and a small custom workflow method.  One template to rule them all and it keeps my tables all clean and tidy.

    I'm not saying that you can't making a process through DFC; just making sure you know what you're in for.

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