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mbdocumbdocu Michelle Bree
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Hi there,

I am currently trying to figure out how to assign a time-out to Webtop, i notice that after a certain peroid of inactivity webtop automatically logs off, however i am wondering is it possible to configure this timing to certain specifications. How would i go about setting the time frame for log out after inactivity?

I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me with this.


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    There are 2 types of timeout:

    1. Timeout of Http session.

    2. Timeout of Documentum session.

    In order to increase the timout session you need to increase the HttpSession timeout which can be congifured in the web.xml file.

    There is an timeout element cofigured in the web.xml file, ususally the default timeout is 30 mins and you can put there some other value.

    If you would lke to change the Documentum timeout session you will have to change the sesssion timeout in server.ini file.

    Hope this help will be found usuefull to you.


    Vadim Levitzky

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    Also make sure that your application server settings are not set below that of your Documentum session settings.  I once forgot to check the settings on the WebSphere server I was using.  It was set to terminate established user sessions older than 10 minutes.  I kept changing my webtop and Content Server settings to 15 or 30 minutes without success until I had that "V8" moment when I slapped my head and remembered to check the web server.

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