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Availability of Sample Applications (taskspace at the mo)

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Whenever I've done Documentum training I tend to come out with some sort of sample application that I have been able to transfer to the sandbox environment we have in the office such that I can show off the capabilities of the Documentum product set to potential internal clients.

Recently I did one of the quick 1-day online courses around TaskSpace which doesn't come with any such samples etc, as would be expected.

So the question. Does Documentum offer, or have available on request, sample applications that the community could use to show off product capabilities without having to go build them? If they don't would it not be a good idea to do so, something akin to what Microsoft, Sun etc do for their technologies, or is this perhaps something for the EDN community to have a go at. Whilst I have no problems doing the applications myself it all comes down to that initial 'time to sell'.

Specifically, at this moment in time, I'm after something for TaskSpace, something simple with a workflow and a UI, that I can show off to get people excited such that they'll stump up the cahs to allow us to build real prototypes and then applications. A simple loan application, although maybe not sub prime , would do as all it needs to do is get people interested.


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    There was an EMC World 2008 presentation that demonstrated how to make a sample TaskSpace application.  Can't remember if it was already made available to those who didn't attend.  Also make it a habit to check the EMC Events section to see if there wasn't a presentation on the subject already.  For example, here's a link to a demo of Taskspace that was done last year:


    I could have sworn there was something specific on this subject unless I'm getting it confused with the EMC World presentation.  I'll check around.

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