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Are there any documents available around Documentum best practices & development standards.

For example DFC/Java coding guidelines, object model design guidelines etc, even access to Documentum ones would be nice.

We're starting to need them and would like a leg up so actual documents or any pointers would be appreciated.


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    I'm a little partial to the articles posted on the Blue Fish website (for obvious reasons ):


    The articles towards the top of the list are focused around Documentum basics while some of the more detailed articles can be found in the archive section.  Please let me know if you need anything else.

    - Terence

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    There is a smattering of best practices throughout Documentum's documentation on the DFC.  The DFC Development Guide has some as does the BOF Component Development Guidelines.  There are also several best practices posted on the Dev Site if you look for them;  I think the user communitty here is trying to establish a catalgoue of them.  I, too, am partial to the articles posted at dm_developer.

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    There are many blogs that point out various issues experienced with Documentum deployments. Usually, we locate these posts after-the-fact when we have run into these issues. So these posts aren't quite what you would be reading to prepare for an implementation but they are quite useful when you need them. Look at http://doquent.wordpress.com/category/documentum/ for an example of such blogs.

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    I don't know if this is what your'e looking for, but I just created a short posting listing the top 5 blog entries describing tips, tricks, and best practices for BOF development:


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for this. It is definitely a help but still not quite what I was after. There used to be some guidelines etc for D5 around BOF and development best practices, and whilst these are good they don't cover D6 with it's newer ways of working (DFS for one) etc. What I was after was something of this ilk with best practices and standards that, for example, Documentum consulting & internal engineering teams would use when developing solutions.

    Examples are standards such as how to lay out code, as I see differences in some examples and some of the shipped code such as webtop, i.e. brace positioning, best practices for DFC, BOF, DQL etc for 6.x.

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