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Problem with Import Action Service

ro3erro3er Roger Lek
edited December 23, 2008 in Documentum

Hi guys,

I have some problem with using the import action service. The following is my code:

<dmf:button name="btnAttach" label="Attach" onclick="onTestAttach">
    <dmfx:argument name="stampId" value="<%= stampId%>"/>

public void onTestAttach (Control ctrl, ArgumentList args) {
        System.out.println("onTestAttach invoked");
        ArgumentList arg = new ArgumentList();
        arg.add("objectId", "0b00012a81172eb8");
        arg.add("filePath", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\mymusic.mp3");
        //componentArgs.add("parentPath", "Cabinets");
        arg.add("filenameWithPath", "true");
        arg.add("parentPath", "/Div_A/department_head/Media");
        arg.add("isDirectory", "false");
        arg.add("docbaseType", "dm_document");
        arg.add("objectName", "mymusic.mp3");
        arg.add("isSilent", "true");

        ActionService.execute("import", arg, getContext(), this, null);


Any idea what went wrong? Thanks in advance.


  • edited December 23, 2008

    Can you describe the problem you're having?  Does the action get invoked?  Is something throwing an exception (and if so, do you see a stack trace)?  Any additional details about the issue you're seeing would help.

    - Terence

  • ro3erro3er Roger Lek
    edited December 23, 2008

    Hi Terence,

    There are no errors or exception thrown. The actionservice just would not execute. Any idea why is that so?


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