Writing to Staging

Is it possible to write to staging at all?

One of our developers has developed a site where he is caching/writing files to a folder.

Step 1. A user hits a page so the app looks in the \cache folder for the file.
Step 2. The files is not there so the app builds it dynamicly.
Step 3. The app then writes that file to the \cache folder
Step 4. Another user hits the same page so the app looks in the \cache folder for the file.
Step 5. The file has been cached in the \cache folder so the app just displays it.

The app is bombing becaus it can't write to the \cache folder in staging.

Any way around this?

5.5.2sp2 WIN2K

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  • If the STAGING area was not a read-only area, it would kind of defeat the purpose. Why would you even want to do this? Why not write into a workarea then do a submit?

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  • I was trying not to change the functionality of the site.

    This is part of how the site/app works. It would need to do this for testing/QA purposes

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  • I have seen cases when App servers need to write to the Workarea, just for private files, like the caches. You cannot write any files, private or not. So even if you tried the autoprivate.cfg it would not work.

    Can you configure your app server to use a different path for /cache ?

  • Could the cache directory be a link to a writable directory? I am not sure if/how TeamSite supports this or if it would work with your environment (not sure what would happen to this thing on submit/deploy). On unix I think ln would be the command, on NT you could try http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/source/misc.shtml#junction.
  • Good call John. I made a link (ln -s /tmp) in a workarea it
    allowed me to check it into the Staging area.

    This might be a workable solution.

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