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Can/does SiteSearch (IDOL) log broken links

I would like to use SiteSearch (IDOL) to generate a list of broken links on a site - is that possible? (Anything is possible, but is there a relatively easy way.)


  • Hello, D Bowker,

    I am checking in with you to see if you have been able to get a response to your question out of the forums. If not, I will help you find an expert who can provide an answer for you. Thank you!

    David Sciuto

  • I have not received an answer to this.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I have forwarded an internal request to get you a complete answer to your question.

    David Sciuto

  • edited June 5, 2017

    Hello, D Bowker, I received a technical response to our question from an expert:

    SiteSearch (IDOL) cannot generate a list of broken links on a site. So to answer your question, aside from maybe parsing the Web Connector’s log files for warnings, I would assume the answer is "no." I assume that the web connector simply skips non-existent documents as it crawls the site. I don’t think IDOL would ever any record of them to search on. There are all kinds of tools out there for this purpose though. Why try to use IDOL for this?

    Let us know your response and if this answered your question. Thank you!

    David Sciuto

  • Why? Because we already have it and it's installed and running.

    I have succeeded, with a little effort, to get a list from Ultraseek, IDOL's predecessor by digging through the log files then querying Ultraseek for "what was the referrer for this page" to generate the list.

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