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Invoice Style Report (Totals Summary to Bottom)

<p>I am trying to create a report that will be used as an invoice.  I am using Open Source (Mars) and have issues trying to place the Totals Summary at the bottom of the page for multi-page reports.  I have seen many examples of a single page invoice using fixed layout, and a few with a row count which puts something in the Header of the MasterPage, but nothing which can anchor a Summary Section to the bottom of the last page. </p>
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<p>I can get very close with putting some variable values in a grid in the footer, and using visibility to show the grid only on the last page. Additionally, this doesn't work to show the footer content in PDF. This would be fine if I were able to leaving the report as HTML, however the primary goal is to create PDF print out. </p>
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<p>Any ideas? </p>
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  • <div>Hi SailRCG,</div>
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    <div>sorry for the late answer, I was quite busy last week.</div>
    <div>So the good news is that I had exactly the same problem. The bad news is that I still didn't found a magic solution for that.</div>
    <div>You have several approachs.</div>
    <div>* The first one is to hide or show a grid in a footer depending on the page number. Your case the last page.To make it work on PDF, you have to separate the Run and Render task</div>
    <div>* The second one is to count the record/rows you want to display and add some fake row to "push" a grid with your summary on the bottom of the last page</div>
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    <div>The first solution is quite easy but you will have a withe space (empty footer) on every page. If the footer is not big, it doesn't really matter but for a large one, the output is... strange.</div>
    <div>The output of the second solution will probably be better BUT it works good only with single line record ; for mutlipe line, is more diffcult to count exactly the number of displayed rows vs the number of rows of your dataset.</div>
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    <div>I still try to find a better way, but for now, all my tests were not satisfying</div>
    Guillaume L.
    Solution Consultant
    OpenText Reporting & Analytics
  • SailRCGSailRCG Junior Member
    <p>Hi Guillaume, </p>
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    <p>Thanks for the reply, better late than never...  Anyway, I have gone through both scenarios and have settled on the second option for now. I'm also setting a row height of the Items List / Details section depending on the number of rows in the list. It seems to work okay, but as you say, it is not ideal. </p>
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    <p>As for setting the visibility in the footer; I have done this with a Grid, and for those cases where HTML is fine, it seems to work great with a 0% height attribute. But when I try to run&render to PDF... no such luck. </p>
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