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Two tables to fit the whole page.

edited February 7, 2017 in Designing reports
Good evening!<br><br>
I have a large report with two tables placed next to each other: they are in one grid separated by a border in the center. My task is: I need these two tables to fit the whole page even with empty rows. I managed to extend rows artificially, but the problem is there is not a fixed number of them… I tried to use visibility property for hiding the rows, this works, but this is very time-consuming since I need to hide more and more rows every time a new detail row added, and unreliable because everything is done manually.<br><br>
The main issue: I need these tables to fit every page, meaning if I have half-empty 39 rows on the first page, I need them to extend to the bottom of the second page when there is a 40 row appears and even one of the tables moves on the next page naturally.<br><br>
Can anybody recommend probably some kind of a sample report to find a solution for this?<br><br>
Or: one of the tables has fixed cell height, it appears to be always two lines height in 10 pt. Is there a way to define a height of a new added detail row for them to be empty but with the same size? Now I have to hide them, because empty rows are much smaller (in doc) that those filled and I need more of them to fit the page artificially.


  • <p>Workaround: Replace null values by empty string. This was your data won't be empty and your row height won't decrease.</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Or you can show a sample report. and the exact requirement.</p>
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