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Pie chart draw issue using scripted datasource

edited May 29, 2017 in Designing reports

Hi I am new to Birt report using scripted data source . Could you suggest the way to supply values to pie chart using the scripted data source. I have a JSON Array of values from backend. My Birt version is 4.3.0


Could you please help me on this . Thanks in advance


  • edited May 29, 2017

    You will have to create a Scripted data source, and then a scripted data set which defines the data that acts as the source for the pie-chart.

    Then the tasks are to supply code/script for the open, fetch and close methods of the created Scripted data set.

    1. open() provides the object representing your source of data, say a backend service that returns a collection of interesting objects.

    2. fetch() method then iterates over the retrieved objects/values one-by-one

    3. close() then contains any clean up code


    This documentation lists the steps you need to do.



    Though the steps are for the iHub product, they apply to open source BIRT as well. The documentation is much more clear than the eclipse help for BIRT.

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