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How to Create resource allocation graph

<p>Hi Team,</p>
<p>I want to create resource utilization graph in BIRT ,I have database shown in image ,I want to create graph like shown in image,How to create it?</p>
<p>please Give me a any suggestion,it will really helpful for me</p>
<p>Thanks in Advance</p>
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  • <p>What database are you using?  I ask this because there could be a SQL statement/option that we could use to make this easier.<br><br>
    Is the # of Owner columns fixed, or variable?  If fixed, how many?<br><br>
    Do the # of Owner columns correspond 1:1 to the # of Utilization columns?</p>
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    <p>My initial thoughts are that we could get the results at the data source level, or in BIRT via a scripted data set.<br><br>

    Clement Wong
    Principal Analytics Architect

    OpenText Corporation
    http://www.actuate.com | http://www.opentext.com

  • <p>Thanks for response</p>
    <p>I am using Jazz data source, the owner columns are variable, and owner 1 utilization fill in resource utilization 1 same as owner2 and 3</p>
    <p>Please give me a any solution to do it</p>
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