Retrieving Entry Criteria for LifeCycle state through dfc or dql

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i am importing a document which is been assigned a lifecycle , now the lifecycle have three state , and there is entry criteria for second state ,

so through DFC OR DQL how can i retrieve a ENTRY CRITERIA for particular state of lifecycle



  • NanoMeko
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    Take a look at a dump of your dm_policy object

    dump,c,<id of your lifecycle>

    then look at the entry_criteria_id for the state your require (repeating attributes) and dump that perhaps it'll give you the information you need.

  • Mayur_shivs
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    if you are talking about API , i have gone through API but i havent found out anything , can you elaborate  through dfc


  • NanoMeko
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    In DFC the steps are the same:

    try retrieving your lifecycle object:

    IDfSysObject procObj = (IDfSysObject)

    idfSession.getObjectByQualification(“dm_policy where object_name=

    ‘LifeCycle Name’ “);

    Then get the get the repeating attributes state_name and entry_criteria_id. (Look at dfc api for retrieving repeating attributes) I believe each state has a corresponding entry criteria id. The id corresponds to

    Object ID of the dm_func_expr

    that implements the entry


    The source

    code for all expressions defined

    for this policy object are stored

    on page 0 of the policy’s content,

    and all p‑code is stored on page


    so with dfc get that object and look at it's contents.

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