dmClean and dmFileScan job not running

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Hi All,

We are unable to run dmClean and dmFileScan job in our testing environment, while it is running without any issues in DEV.


DMClean utility syntax: apply,c,NULL,DO_METHOD,METHOD,S,dmclean,ARGUMENTS,S,'-clean_deleted_lwso '

Executing DMClean...

Failure in the DMClean method...

  Launch Failed Value: F

  Method Return Value: 1


Report End  9/16/2016 06:30:03

Also each time I try to run the job, I am getting the below error in the server log. Not sure if it is related-

[DM_SESSION_E_CANT_MAKE_TEMP_CONNECTION]error:  "Could not establish an internal, temporary database connection (database_name = , docbase_owner = DM1, connection_string = *******); database system error was:  -- Unknown error"

Please help.

PS :We have recently upgraded to 7.2.


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    These are system jobs/methods, so it shouldnt be an issue with server code.  Are you able to log into the repository successfully?  Usually a database connection issue will require a content server restart.  Why you are getting this is better question?

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    Thanks for the reply Johnny .

    We are able to log into the repository.

    Yes we have restarted the content server. It still simply doesn't work.

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    Do your other system jobs work?  Have you submitted a ticket with EMC support?

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    Hi Johnny,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes our other jobs are working fine.

    One more finding I would like to add here, the batch file which gets created in the sysadmin folder is not getting created? will this be anything with access ? Because with the same user logs are getting generated...

    Thanks in advance.

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