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DCTM IndexAgent - Deleted Doc: How to delete from index list

DCTM CS 7.2 - SQL 20012: IndexAgent 1.4
Object ID has been deleted in repository. Object ID still showing in Index agent. Have run deletedocs.bat file 3 times. each time the ID is in the log but is still present in index.
Need to know how get that ID out of index.
CRITICAL- users unable to run searches or reports that this document is involved with - errors objectID does not exists.


  • Do you want to delete them from xplore index?

  • Received instructions from OT support to add id's to a deletedoc.bat as follows:
    1. Navigate to xplore_home/dsearch/xhive/admin.
    2. Open deletedocs.properties in a text editor.
    3. Make sure that the host and port values correspond to your environment.
    4. Set the value of dss_domain to the xPlore domain from which you wish to delete indexed
    5. If you want to delete indexed documents not in the default collection and not of the default category
    (dftxml); for example, collection acl and category acl, uncomment the following lines and specify
    the collection and category from which to delete indexed documents.



    1. Change the value of the key file_contains_id_to_delete to the path to your object IDs. Alternatively,
      you can list the object IDs, separated by commas, as the value of the key ids_to_delete.
    2. On Windows, run deleteDocs.bat; on Linux, run deleteDocs.sh.
      The deletedocs utility records activity in a log in xplore_home/dsearch/xhive/admin/logs/deleteDocs.log
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